Classic Red Barn with a Twist

Part of a multi-phase project, this classic red barn with a twist is set back on property overlooking a large pond in a quiet, peaceful part of Maine.  The Owner’s wanted to look up, across the meadow from their future cottage and see an iconic red barn. The gable view of this new barn accomplishes that objective. The operational sliding barn doors can be closed over the three-panel multi-slide door, providing real thermal protection while honoring the historic barn aesthetic.

The needs of a growing family, with a desire to host friends and family, resulted in a modern twist to the traditional barn design.  As visitors round to the eastern facing facade, the timber frame visible in the alcove off the planned terrace, provides a sneak peek of what’s inside.

Open living space in the center of the building connects all three levels of the barn vertically, like a large light well.  Smaller, special use rooms and spaces, surround the center livings area.  For example, a library, play-room, game space, bunk rooms and the kitchen all provide comfortable, intimate places to spend time together.

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