What to Look for in a Designer and Home Builder

Designing and building a custom home, barn or specialty building can be an exciting and rewarding time in life. But how do you select the right company for your needs?  Do you want to work with an Architect and then find a builder or would you like to work with a design/build firm who can take the project from design to completion.  There are advantages to each approach.  Spend time talking face to face with each candidate and visit completed jobs before making a decision. As you move through the interview process, look for the following qualities:

Experience:  How long has the company been in business? Does their portfolio reflect design versatility? If you desire timber framing, does the company have experience in that type of construction?

Reputation & Honesty:  What’s the word on the street? Do past clients and those involved in the local business community have positive things to say about the design/build company?

Quality:  When touring past projects, carefully examine the workmanship. Does it exemplify quality and attention to detail by the general contractor?

Timeliness:  Inquire about the builder’s track record when it comes to completing a project on time.

Financial Stability:  Does the builder have sufficient resources to complete your project?  Do they pay their subcontractors and vendors promptly?  Ask for references if you are unsure.

Commitment:  Does the firm stand behind its work? If questions or concerns arise after a project is completed, how are they addressed?