The Built-in Advantage

When designing the interior of a new home there are several advantages to considering built-in furniture.  Over the years our architects and designers have worked with homeowners and local artisans to customize many pieces of furniture perfectly fitted to their space. Built-ins are a great option in almost every room, often blending seamlessly with the existing architectural elements, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.


This dining room cabinet is a perfect example of a quality piece that provides plenty of functional storage. The glass doors and open shelves easily allow updates to the room’s décor to match the seasons. The wide crown molding and paint color matches the adjoining kitchen area.


An alcove in an upstairs hallway made an ideal spot for this cherry bureau and cabinets layout. Not only beautiful, this piece also adds a lot of extra storage and a place to showcase favorite artifacts.


A custom built-in bureau and entertainment cabinet fits perfectly under the dormer, visually connecting to the window in this master bedroom. A remote control raises a lift for the television that stays hidden behind the doors when not in use.


What could be better than a handsome wet bar tucked in a nook behind the great room fireplace?  Integrated lighting, refrigerator, sink, douglas fir custom cabinets, granite countertops, and wine rack make use of every inch of this space.


Home offices have become essential in recent years. Yet they can quickly appear cluttered. With a little planning, cabinetry to hide office equipment, slides for shelves and drawers and open bookshelves make it easy to maintain an organized and calming work environment.


Mudrooms are the gateway to a home.  A bench for putting on or taking off footwear is important to help keep dirt and mud out of the house. The piano-hinged bench seat does double duty by keeping the boots and shoes out of site. Open cubbies for access to commonly used items and baskets to corral clutter help maintain a tidy appearance. Hooks along an opposite wall provide a place to shrug off coats and backpacks quickly. Even the cat’s litter box is neatly out of site!


Floor to ceiling closets, drawers around the lower perimeter and a built-in bureau makes this snug walk-in closet extremely functional and attractive. With everything behind closed doors, even a harried morning can leave this space looking fabulous.


Built-in furniture has many functional and design advantages when a space needs something to give it a purpose. Take time to play around with ideas and create a thoughtful plan when incorporating built-in furniture.  While typically more expensive compared to flat packed boxes of furniture, it is an investment that can enhance your home in more ways than you might expect.