Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

When designing and building a timber frame barn or home the discussion always includes whether to use Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), sometimes referred to as Stress Skin Panels. SIPs panels are an energy efficient alternative to conventionally framing the roof and walls of a new building.  Houses and Barns by John Libby often use a traditional Structural Insulated Panel which includes an insulating core material, manufactured at the proper thickness to perform to the insulating value needed for the project, sandwiched between skins of  7/16” thick Oriented Strand Board (OSB).  OSB provides solid stability, lamination quality and size availability for most projects.Structural Insulated Panels

There are several types of panels with different uses so be sure to discuss the benefits of each product with your designer and builder.  Structural insulated panels  provide insulation, interior finish and outside sheathing all in one product.  One of the tightest, most energy efficient enclosure systems available, they allow the full depth of the timber frame to be enjoyed.  Interior finishes can be drywall, plaster or wood and the outside can be finished with wood, stone or brick.  Our interior finishes are usually installed before adding the SIPs panels – this gives the client more options to have the finish customized to their preferences.

Using SIPs is an easy way to have a comfortable, energy efficient home and enjoy the full view of your beautiful timber frame.