Roof Eave Trim Done Right

Eave trim refers to the roof edge treatment where the roof extends beyond the exterior structural walls, creating an overhang. The style can vary based on regional preferences, personal design choices and the overall architectural style of the building.  While combinations of eave, rake, soffit, and returns are almost endless, we want to share some of the more popular types that our architects and designers incorporate into the homes and barns we build.


The traditional return is built with ladder framing attached to the eaves and roof rakes, effectively extending the roof beyond the building structure.  It’s one of the hardest to build but offers tremendous flexibility for details from simple barns, to farmhouse and colonial style homes.


This eye-catching eave treatment is known as a knife edge.  It lends itself to a more modern aesthetic with the roofline terminating with the soffit detail.


Instead of installing soffits, some homes feature exposed rafters underneath the eaves. This creates a more casual or craftsman-style look, adding texture and visual interest to the roof edge.


Used for informal styles, the boxed rafter and square-cut fascia offers an uncluttered traditional look with strong shadow lines.  Perfect for this lake front home.


We had fun with this decorative trim element!  The custom rafters enhance the appeal of this renovated barn and adds a Scandinavian vibe to the roofline and porch.


Sweeping concave curves at the roof edges are a visually striking architectural detail.  The owners, influenced by Dutch architecture, worked with our architect to design this exterior detail as a nod to their heritage.


As you travel, take a closer look at the exterior trim details of homes and barns. While subtle, exterior roof and eave trims can make an important visual impact.  These examples here represent treatments that we’ve designed, but there are endless possibilities available. When you design with our architects, we will help you determine the most suitable roof edge treatment for your specific home or barn design.