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Woodland Barn



Timber Frame Barn


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40′ x 56′

Long time admirers of our company, the owners knew they wanted to build a classic barn on the special woodland they secured. As a base for all their outdoor activities, the barn will serve many purposes for years to come.

The broke-back style of the shed addition afforded a large unobstructed first floor area. Larger timbers were needed where the main roof rafters, shed roof rafters, and posts intersect. The complicated timber frame joinery makes that transition appear seamless on the inside.

Garage door tracks follow the roof slope giving more clearance from the finished floor to finished ceiling height. A high-performance epoxy floor finish provides an easy to clean surface, adding a finishing touch to the barn.

As the family settles into their new property, the barn will be filled with boating, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling gear, and the laughter of grandchildren playing in the beautiful loft area.

Click HERE to see the time lapse of this timber frame raising.

Photo & Videography credit – Spencer Drake  Excelsior Multimedia