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Wolfe’s Neck Farm Barn Restoration



Timer Frame Restoration and Rebuild


Design | Restore | Build


37′ x 66′ main barn with two side sheds

Our company worked closely with Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment, on the complete restoration of the Pote Barn.  The timbers of the old barn, built in stages over the past couple hundred years, were labeled, dismantled, and transported to our shop to be cleaned and repaired.  The majority of the timbers were reused with some replaced with new timbers, hand-hewn and stained to match the old ones. The restored timber frame was raised on a new foundation and well-engineered deck structure, sheathed with pine and made weather tight with new windows, cedar shingles and a metal roof.  No longer a run down, unsafe, almost unusable structure, the renovated Pote Barn plays a key role in the mission of Wolfe’s Neck Center.  It was a pleasure to apply our decades of timber framing experience as part of this transformation. Barn Restoration Video

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