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Contemporary Garage



Timber Frame Garage


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26′ x 36′ with a 8′ x 26′ side shed

This contemporary timber frame garage is a direct response to the customer’s realization that their existing two-car garage was too small.  Keeping in mind the goal of expanded vehicle storage and workshop space, our architect designed a new three-bay garage with side shed as the first step in this phased renovation project. Its barn style allows for greater interior storage flexibility with notable space gains as a result of the loft.

Underscored by its simple geometry and black finishes, the contemporary exterior is in great contrast to the warm, inviting, traditional timber frame interior. The black-stained Accoya boards visually link the garage’s aesthetic with the dark windows of the white house, making them a seamless pair.

The garage also serves as expanded entertainment space when vehicles are removed.   The rear overhead glass door raises to reveal the backyard & patio. Rain or shine, this family is always ready for guests!

Click HERE to watch the video of the barn raising.

Photo & Videography credit – Spencer Drake  Excelsior Multimedia