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Coastal Carriage House

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Carriage House


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44′ x 28′

The Coastal Carriage House is a triumph of subtleness and simple summer splendor. Guiding the design was the oceanfront property’s existing cabins and the customer’s need for vehicle storage in conjunction with additional living space overhead. A key focus during the development phase was ensuring the carriage house would fit seamlessly among the other, smaller structures on the historic site despite its increased scale.

Our Architectural Designer, Jerry Wasmer, succeeded in this endeavor by employing a cross-gabled, timber frame roof system over the two-vehicle garage. Comprised of four equal valley rafters and four gables that dramatically intersect at a peak, the system assists in keeping the house’s profile low while maximizing open interior space and enhancing the incredible ocean views.

Click HERE to see the cross gabled roof raising.

Photo & Videography credit – Spencer Drake  Excelsior Multimedia