Outdoor Learning Pavilion

We knew immediately we wanted to be involved when we received a call from the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences.  The school’s administrators wanted to build an outdoor learning pavilion; however, the time-line was super tight. Because we are a small company, we are able to be nimble on occasion.  We quickly decided to do our best to meet the 60 day turn-around from start to finish.  We assembled the players within a couple of days.  Our team made a site visit, talked with suppliers and subcontractors and consulted with the school about the best way to prepare the site quickly.  Everyone was on board.

Our architect, Peter Anderson, designed this pavilion with the school’s mission in mind.  The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences’ curriculum focuses on agriculture, forestry, and the environment.  With its various knee braces, the pavilion evokes the form of trees with a branching effect.  And the roof feels like it is floating.

The large overhangs are pushed out beyond the posts to provide a sheltering feeling to the outdoor space.  This design also greatly increases the chances of staying dry on a rainy day.

With a quick delivery from our timber supplier, we were quickly under way with the fabrication phase.  Watch the video of raising the Pavilion just before the holidays – in a storm.