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Construction ProcessWhen you contact our company you will initially speak with Cindy Drake, Lee Proscia or John Libby who will gather some basic information about your project goals. Many clients enjoy stopping into our shop, calling us or connecting through our website. When you are ready to move forward John Libby will schedule an initial no cost meeting with you here at our office or on your site. At this time we will discuss your design ideas, time frame, budget, and answer any questions you have about our company’s process. John still works closely with each and every client through the initial phase of design development and into the early stages of construction.


Whether you envision a large or small project, we provide full design services within a flexible program. Our design work is charged by the hour with a modest down payment to begin the process. By closely listening to you and gaining your input early in the concept development phase our design team has the advantage of directly working with the operations team to discuss building methods and budgetary impacts of various options.

Construction process


Once a the design development phase and cost estimate is approved we will present our standard Construction Contract and detailed Project Specifications outlining the full scope of the project along with a tentative project schedule and begin developing the construction drawings. If the scope of work changes we will provide you with a written Change Order outlining the details of the change and price adjustment, if any.


Houses and Barns by John Libby’s commitment to safety is a prime focus in all our work. The safety and well-being of all our employees, subcontractors and customers as well as the prevention of wasteful, and inefficient operations is foremost in our planning.


Keeping a construction project on schedule requires good communication and client decision making which we will help facilitate through providing a list of items to be selected, suggested vendors and target dates.


Process CompletedMany clients are sorry to see our projects end because John Libby and our crews become an enjoyable connection in their lives. If questions come up after a project is finished we will be there to assist – even if it has been years since you first turned the key.


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