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What sets you apart from other Maine builders?

Our friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and highly skilled team works together with clients from start to finish saving you time and money. Our expertise with timber framing design and techniques also is unique to our company.

Do you only build timber frame structures?

No. While our roots are in timber framing, we design and build whatever type structure a client desires, including conventionally framed homesbarns and commercial buildings.  We also enjoy restoration and renovation projects.

How long does the design and construction typically take?

The timeline varies project to project. We encourage our clients to take their time during the design process. Changes made on paper are much less costly than changes made during the construction phase.  Once a project is approved it usually takes six to ten months to build a turnkey building depending on the size, location, weather conditions and overall complexity of the project. We will provide a preliminary schedule upon signing the Construction Contract.

What will the design cost?

Our design work is charged by the hour with the amount of time required unique to each client depending on the complexity of the project and your vision.

How energy efficient are your homes?

Houses & Barns by John Libby seeks to use the most energy efficient resources that are available on the market today within your budget. When constructing timber frame homes, we advise the use of structural insulated panels (SIPs). Researchers have found SIPs to be 50% more energy efficient compared to traditional stick-framed construction. A house built with these panels may reap financial rewards from tax credits to heating cost reductions. We are considerate of materials purchased and proper disposal and strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Do you sell your plans?

We do not sell plans. Each project is created from original designs crafted to match the lifestyle of an individual client.

What is the Signature Series?

Our Signature Series of timber frame structures all originate from custom designs that have generated considerable interest over the years. We do not sell the plans or kits. We streamlined the design and construction of these timber frames to make a cost effective option for clients who may want to finish their own barn in phases or save time and money on the design process. Each signature frame is still individually fabricated, transported and raised on your property.

When I drive by your shop on I-295 I see large frames in your yard – are they for sale?

Yes. Every year we build two or three “display” frames from our Signature Series and sell them after they have weathered for about 9-12 months. The price of each frame is discounted about 20% off the price of a new frame. They are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

What is your price per square foot?

The price per square foot varies greatly depending on the materials selected, the complexity of the design and the finishes a client chooses. There isn’t a standard. Please contact us to discuss your project in more detail so that we can provide you with a cost estimate. Click here to read more about the cost per square foot question.

Do you dismantle barns and purchase reclaimed timbers?

We usually only dismantle a barn as part of a more comprehensive project. We do not purchase, store or sell reclaimed timbers.