King Post Timber Frame Truss

With a variety of truss configurations to choose from we often incorporate king post trusses in our timber frame designs. Wood and timber roof trusses are widely used in the United States, and they offer several benefits when designing and building a barn or home.  A roof truss is, essentially, one or more triangular units made up of straight pieces connected at the ends by joints. The triangular shape of the truss adds stability and support; it distributes weight away from the exterior walls of the structure.



We love the way timber trusses frame a New England home or barn. We can do so much with the freedom of design and structural integrity they provide. They are a sound framework over which to design a home that breathes and grows with your family.

The strong king post truss style has a variety of design options and can span large areas. The ‘king post’ refers to the timber that extends vertically connecting the peak of the triangle with the tie (or cross) beam, effectively holding up the tie beam with a mortise and tenon joint. Its design creates a spectacular focal point in any space.  Our designers enjoy the aesthetic freedom to experiment with exposed king post trusses including:  creating curved struts – which connect the king post to the roof truss; adding “queen posts”; cutting a radius in the tie beam; chamfering the beam’s edges; or enhancing the through-tenon with creative cuts.


The history and tradition of raising buildings and barns in Maine is one of a strong Protestant work ethic and pioneer spirit. Communities came together to construct homes and churches that would last through generations. Building with timber trusses provide a structural integrity because they can be put together off site, which therefore ensures quality control and consistency. These frames are built to endure – the king post trusses in our shop were made in the early 1800’s. Read more here

Our company is well known and respected for its post and beam expertise. Timber frame construction using hand tools is a significant portion of our business at Houses and Barns by John Libby. We’d like to hear about your project and begin the work of building your new home or barn.