Interior Timber Frame Finish Options

Interior timber frame finish options can seem endless. While each project we have designed and built is unique, and ultimately reflects the owner’s desired style, there are a few tried and true combinations that prove to be timeless and beautiful.

Oil Finish

We regularly use natural oil to penetrate the wood and enhance the timber’s natural color and grain pattern of the species. Oil finishes provide a warm, organic look and only get better with time. One of our go-to brands is Heritage Natural Finishes


One way to achieve a weathered look is to purchase one of our display frames.  These frames stand outdoors for about a year and slowly transition to a gray patina. However, there are techniques such as wire brushing, hand scraping, or applying special distressing agents to give the wood a worn and textured appearance rather than waiting for nature to do the job.  This home, built with a naturally weathered timber frame, has a pickled white finish on the ceiling to brighten the rooms and make the timber frame the focal point of the space.


Stain is chosen to achieve a custom appearance or to match an aged beams when we renovate old timber frames.  Available in various shades, stains can enhance or alter the color of the wood while still showcasing its grain. A custom dark grey stain combined with white pickled board sheathing creates a fresh, spacious feel to this new family room.


Choosing to paint a frame is a fun option to make a statement or match the overall design scheme of your home. When we renovated this existing barn, the original structure had worn unevenly over the years. The owners decided to paint the wood as a nod to the Scandinavian aesthetics of their nearby home.


Whitewashing is a technique that involves applying diluted white paint or stain to the wood surface. Whitewashing, or painting with white, is often used in coastal or cottage-style homes. White lightens dark spaces, helps small rooms feel spacious, providing a blank canvas for other décor to take center stage. The bright white paint on both the timber frame and walls gives this artist studio amazing light.

When selecting an interior wood finish, consider the specific characteristics of your home, such as the type of wood used, the desired aesthetic, and the overall style you want to achieve. At Houses and Barns our architects and designers will guide you through the process.