Designing with Wood

There are many ways wood can be used when designing a new space.  The choice of type and finish of the wood can enhance the brightness of a room while adding warmth and natural beauty.  Choosing light or dark wood can set the entire vibe throughout a room.  Light wood with light colors may feel more cottagey while dark woods paired with neutral walls can create an elegant, understated space.

Here are some examples of how we used wood in a variety of ways to create unique interiors for our clients.  (Click on any image to see more).

These beams tie in seamlessly with the Douglas fir window trim. Neutral walls, light wood flooring and simple furnishings creates a sense of balance and comfort in this living room, leaving the owner’s extensive collection of artifacts from world travels as the focus of the space.

The painted cabinets and tiled walls sandwiched between the wood ceiling and oak floor creates a feeling of being surrounded by warmth yet not too enclosed. Tall ceilings, the Boos Block island and Doulas fir timber frame provides stunning details without weighing down the room.  The fun chandelier over the island adds some bling to the kitchen décor while adding plenty of light in the evening.

Whitewashing is a great way to create a bright light filled space.  Skylights flood the area with natural light and the soft grey painted floor makes this a perfect artist studio where light is everything!

Expansive wood framed windows, scissor trusses, wood ceiling and floors provides continuity, architectural interest, and plenty of natural light in this great room. Minimalist, light colored area rugs, upholstered furniture and other décor does not draw attention away from the beautiful wood details in this lakeside home.

Rather than make a room feel dark, the combination of wood with other design elements can work together to make a room feel brighter and more inviting than expected.  Our architects and designers understand how to blend the natural beauty of wood to complement your living style.