A perfect New England barn raising

Raising this New England style timber frame barn ahead of schedule is a testament to the craftsmanship, planning, and extraordinary teamwork of our crew.  Guided by the client’s requirements for a solar array, we carefully sited the barn to maximize sunlight exposure and designed the barn with a roof area large enough to support the system.  In addition to generating clean energy for the owner’s home, this 4 bay Queen posted timber frame barn will provide plenty of space for a workshop and storage.  The client’s note to us after the raising says it all:

“We have been incredibly impressed with the team this week – it has been nice to meet them, and to watch their work. They are incredibly nice and welcoming and the work has been fantastic. The barn looks simply beautiful. We can’t be more pleased.”

The pre-construction work of a barn raising must be John Libby’s favorite part of his job – which is why efficiency is the name of the game on raising day.  He enthusiastically works with timber suppliers, code enforcement officers, planning boards, excavators, foundation companies and, of course, our fabrication team.  Boundless energy, ideas and early arrival at the site are the norm.  Our crews enjoy working together and as part of the Houses and Barn’s team.  It shows in their work.